Don’t take it from us…look at actual comments from our customers about Rabb Water Systems!

Before Rabb: "never seemed to work, water was never soft"
After installing a Rabb system: "Wonderful, skin seems healthier, coffee tastes better than ever"
Sarah – Lafayette

"Definite savings on electric and water bill"
Tammy – Wabash

Before Rabb: "horrible, dishonest"
After installing a Rabb System: "Company and staff are wonderful to work with"
Linda – Marion

"I’m in love…a drastic difference in our water"
Brittany – Columbia City

Before Rabb: "Had magnetic system, didn’t work"
After installing a Rabb System: "Finally soft!   Timely & Professional" 
Al – Woodburn

"Clean showers and tub…no iron stains or calcium buildup"
Linda – Kokomo

"We highly recommend this system to anyone.  Kinetico has been able to clean our water, which I thought was beyond help"
Mari – West Lafayette

"Kinetico is rock solid and lasts almost forever."
Steve – West Lafayette

Before Rabb: "water was still rusty with a softener"
After installing Rabb System: "Great, clear, no odor…great product"
Chad – Monticello

"Awesome! Use less detergent and shampoo, tastes really good – no rust…It’s great"
Tria – Markle

Before Rabb:  "Used way too much salt, electronics broke"
After installing Rabb System:  "Excellent!!!"
Misty – Leo