How to Bypass Unit ?

Depending on the age of your unit the processes may vary in regards to bypass your system.

**Always bypass your system whenever you have work performed on your well.

Older style (systems installed prior to 1990) 3-valve bypass

  1. Turn both blue valves clockwise (one on left and one on right) this closes the valves to & from the softener.
  2. Turn red valve (center) counter clockwise, this opens the valve between the two blue valves, allowing water to flow.
  3. This will turn water off to and from unit while still providing water to the house.  The water to the house will be untreated, but you will have water.

Lever Bypass

This will be the same basic set-up as the 3-valve bypass; it will only be in different configurations.  Each home or business has unique plumbing schematics, but generally if you look for the inlet and outlet to the softener, you will be able to identify the shut off valves.

  1. Turn handled levers to off position (perpendicular to the plumbing) that are on the inlet and outlet side of the softener.
  2. Turn the center valve to the opposite position of normal.  This could be a turn style hose valve or another lever style valve.  This valve will be close to the inlet and outlet shut off valves, but not directly on the inlet or outlet plumbing.  It should be in an area that connects the two.

Kinetico Bypass

  1. There is a view-able window or cut out to indicate position.
  2. Turn handle to:

Green-soft water


Red- no water