Your Rabb/Kinetico salt purchases earn free credit to be used for future softener service labor or additional equipment needs.

Cost of Salt Applied to
Original Owner
Rabb Water
* Other Customers 25%

Softener Repair Labor Charges

Does not include parts.

*other customers refers to owners of any treatment system sold by any other company.

Only Rabb/Kinetico Salt Systems purchase receipts that are no older than 3 years from date of service or equipment purchase may be submitted for credit. Receipts must be presented at time of service. Credit only earned on salt cube purchases for residential equipment installed in residences. Program subject to discontinuation without notice.

Guaranteed Best Salt

Rabb/Kinetico Salt

No mushing or sediment within 90 days of purchase or we replace it for free! If you experience any problem with mushing, dirt, or sediment when using Rabb/Kinetico Softener Salt exclusively, bring in your receipt or other proof of purchase and we will replace the defective salt free of charge. This guarantee is made under the condition that Rabb/Kinetico Water Softener Salt is not used in combination with any other type or brand of salt. Claims are subject to inspection by authorized Rabb/Kinetico Systems personnel.