Rabb Water carries a variety of water softener salt to accommodate the demands of our customers.  Our premium Kinetico cubes are recommended because of their purity and resistance to service problems.  

Is there a difference in water softener salt?

Take a look for yourself.  Our premium salt on the left in a system that has only used our salt for 15 years.  On the right a system that used a trusted “other” salt type for less than 4 months.

Premium water softener saltlow quality water softener salt









Let us make your life easier and shorten your “to do” list by delivering our premium salt and pure drinking water right to your home or business.  Our delivery personnel will take all of the headaches of water treatment away by filling your salt tank for you or changing the water bottle on your cooler.  Call our office today or SCHEDULE A DELIVERY and take advantage of our great customer service.

In addition to our six store locations, we partner with a number of businesses in surrounding towns that carry our salt. See the link below for a complete list of satellite stores.