How to Change Your Whole House Pre-Filter

Whole house filtration is designed to protect your investment and aid in the performance of your water softener.  It is installed before your softener to stop sediment from entering your softener and save you from costly repairs.  Sediment that enters your softener can cause service problems by plugging ports, stopping gear movement, scoring or marring of internal parts, and clogging of media beds.  Preventative maintenance on your pre-filter will save you time, money, and headaches if done on a regular basis.

We recommend to change your whole house pre-filter every 3-6 months.

There are different types of pre-filters based on the age of your unit and/or application of equipment.  To change any pre-filter you would follow the same basic steps.

Step 1:  Turn water off at both the inlet side of pre-filter and outlet side.

Step 2:  Relieve pressure from the pre-filter via pressure release button or valve or turning on water at a faucet nearby.

Step 3:  Unscrew housing.
*Note:  It is common to lose the o-ring from housing during pre-filter changes, located on the inner lip of canister.  Be sure to locate the o-ring.

Step 4:  Remove filter.

Step 5:  Clean inside of filter housing with small amount of household bleach or any rust-out solution (CLR, The Works, etc.).  Rinse clean.

Step 6:  Replace filter.

Step 7:  Screw housing back onto cap.
*Note:  Be sure o-ring is in place and clean of all debris.

Step 8:  Do not over tighten.  Hand tightening is sufficient.

Step 9:  Turn water on, check for leaks.

Step 10:  Repeat steps 6-9 if leak occurs and double check o-ring is clean and unobstructed.

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