Step 1:

Turn off the water supply to the drinking water system. This will be a shut off valve on the house plumbing leading to your reverse osmosis system.  For newer systems, the shut off valve is typically white with a blue turn knob.  


Step 2:

Open a faucet to relieve any pressure in the plumbing lines.


Step 3:

Turn off the water with the valve at the top of the pressure tank.


Step 4:

Turn filters ½ turn counter clockwise and then pull down.  You may need to pull with some effort.  


Step 5:

Prepare the filters for installation.  Remove the packaging and fill the new filters with tap water.  This step helps minimize air from entering the system.  


Step 6:

Insert new filters; press them up and turn ½ turn clockwise.  Be sure to pay attention to the color indicated on your filters and only replace like colors with new colored filter.  For example, replace the orange filter with another orange filter only!  

DO NOT REMOVE THE CENTER MEMBRANE!!!                                    

*Note: filters should be secure in the reverse osmosis system, if not repeat step 6.


Step 7:

Slowly turn water back on at inlet supply line and at storage tank.


Step 8:

Check for any leaks around filters, tank, and any/all connections.  

Step 9:
Enjoy your clean, pure, safe drinking water and cost savings of not having to buy bottled water!

*Note: We suggest emptying the tank after the first refill because the water may be discolored with activated carbon dust.