Q: Should I use the same amount of cleaning products as I used before my  softener was installed?
A: NO: It is VERY IMPORTANT that you reduce the amount of cleaning products that you use in all of your appliances. Softened water maximizes the effectiveness of your soap and cleaning products. You will use less laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, shampoo, lotions and cleaners in general. Soap savings is one of the benefits of having soft water.

Q: Why are my glasses spotting since I’ve had my softener installed?
A: The spotting you see may actually be an ectching of the glass.  The cause for this etching is excess phosphate substances found in many dishwashing detergents.  These phosphates are added to soaps and detergents as a chemical water softener.  In already softened water, the extra softening chemicals causes a problem.  To protect your china and glassware, reduce the amount of soap used, and since heat plays a big part in this problem as well, use the “energy saver” feature or no heat air dry to combat etching.

Q: How do I bypass my softener?
A: Click here for directions.

Q: Why does my water smell like rotten eggs?
A: There are numerous reasons why water can have a rotten egg odor.  The most common are:

1. Hydrogen Sulfide Gas- To determine if sulfur gas is present, we must do an on-site test.  Sulfur gas can fluctuate with changes in weather.  To eliminate sulfur gas, it must be treated with a special piece of equipment.

2. Decaying Bacteria- Common to well water are numerous species of heterotrophic bacteria.  These bacteria reproduce and die, and will emit an odor, frequently similar to rotten eggs.  Treatment methods vary depending on the type of bacteria.  These bacteria may also build up on pre-filter cartridges.  Regular maintenance and the type of pre-filter cartridge used may eliminate the problem.

3. Hot Water Heater- There are a few reasons why water in the hot water heater may have an odor.  The most common would involve the magnesium rod or anode rod.  The anode rod is there to prevent corrosion of the steel exterior.  Please call our office for more information on the anode rod.

Q: Is it true that I should use only Kinetico salt in my softener?
A: We do recommend using our salt exclusively for a couple of reasons:

1. Our salt is guaranteed pure, which keeps your brine tank cleaner, helping it last longer!!

2. We have a special “Extended Warranty Salt Program” offering free labor and new equipment discounts.

Q: How do I change my whole house pre-filter?
A: Click here for detailed directions.

Q: How do I manually regenerate my Kinetico water softener?
A: Using a Phillips screwdriver, apply pressure down to the softener valve center screw.  This is located on the clear plastic cap dead center on top of the black valve head.  Turn the screw clockwise until your hear three to four clicks and water flowing through the lines.  Remember to apply pressure while turning clockwise.  Repeat the manual procedure after the water flow stops to be sure that both resin tanks are regenerated.

Reverse Osmosis Related

Q: Which filters do I change on my Reverse Osmosis System? Do I replace all of the filters?
A: The middle canister is your R/O membrane (Do not remove).  Normally you would change all filters, other than the membrane.

Q: How often should I change my filters?  How will I know when?
A: Every 500 gallons or approximately once a year, if you haven’t changed the filters by year 2, we recommend you change them regardless of usage.  The post filter on certain Kinetico Premier R/O systems automatically measures water use and alerts you when it’s necessary to change the system’s filter cartridges.  The flow of water will significantly be reduced once the 500 gallon threshold is met.

Q: How do I change my Reverse Osmosis filters?
A: Click here for detailed directions

Q: Why are my ice cubes not clear if I have a reverse osmosis unit feeding my ice-maker?
A: This varies depending on age, make, and model of your ice-maker.  The common cause for cloudy ice cubes is trapped air.  The process some ice makers use to make ice allows the introduction of air into the water lines.  Have no fear though, the ice is pure and will not cause unwanted flavors in your favorite drink.

Miscellaneous Water Treatment Questions and Answers

Q: I have had your Kinetico yard sign in my yard for 30 days; how can I get my free salt?
A: You just need to bring it in to the Rabb Water Systems store closest to you and you will receive your free salt.

Q: What’s the “Salt for Life” program?
A: Our “Customer Referral Program” is a great way for you to enjoy “Salt for Life!”  If you refer a friend, relative, or neighbor to us, have them mention your name as the referring party.  If they rent or buy from us, we would then credit your account for $25 or $50 for you to use for free salt.  If you continue referring people to us and they rent or buy from us, you can have “Salt for Life.”  Please call our office if you should have any other questions concerning this program.