Water Softeners

The following are basic steps in determining trouble with your water softener system.

If you have any additional questions or need assistance please contact our service department.

The first step would be to check the following:

1. Is the bypass open?

2. Is there salt in the brine tank?

3. Is the salt bridged (salt appears solid and forms a “bridge over the water”)? If so, break up the bridged salt to allow saturation.

4. Is there water in the brine tank?

5. Is the prefilter clogged? If so, change or clean your filter cartridge.

After you’ve eliminated the above, check the following:

1. Is the drain line pinched, kinked, or restricted?

2. Are there any drips or leaks in the house (including a dripping faucet or running toilet)? To check this you can close the inlet water valve to the house; leave it off for a few minutes. Open the valve; if you hear a surge of water, there is a leak somewhere in the home.

3. Is the unit continuously running? Try to “manually regenerate;” this sometimes helps free any debris that may be caught in the valve. If this doesn’t work, bypass the unit and call our office at 1-800-342-5684. Click here for bypass directions.

4. Is the brine tank over filling? Put system on bypass and call our office at 1-800-342-5684.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

The following are basic steps in determining trouble with your drinking water system.

No water from faucet:

1. Filters need changed

2. Check all shut off valves, verify all in open position.

3. If not a “Quick Flo” holding tank, check air pressure. You can do this by checking the bottom of your storage tank. The tank should have 7-9 p.s.i.

4. If tank is full of water and no air charge, empty all water out of tank and put 7-9 p.s.i. into the tank. *Note: If you’ve recently changed filters, give the system a few hours to recover.

5. Delay in flow from faucet:
This is normal with a Quick Flo tank. Based on the design of the tank, there is a signal sent to the tank for it to allow water to flow. This sometimes is delayed a short time depending on installation site.

6. The R.O. is running water to the drain:
It is normal for all Reverse Osmosis units to expel water to the drain. This should stop once the unit has filled its storage capacity. If this problem continues, please call our office at 1-800-342-5684.